Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camping love triangles?

So tomorrow I am going camping!!! Well I just realized that there are like two love triangles lol. So i am going to go into detail so you can see how interesting this weekend is going to be. So we will start with... uh lets start with Scott. Well Scott is my ex boyfriend, we dated for maybe 2 or 3 months in high school. and then we will go to me. Well i have thing thing for a guy named Nate and yeah its not like a big thing... well its more a new thing. So now Nate. Nate kinda likes this girl Rachel but you see Rachel has a missonary so she is not really interested in Nate. Then you have Jessica (starting the new triangle) Jessica has this guy Alex and Alex is Miles brother. See Miles and Jessica broke up like 3 weeks ago.... so Jessica has had a thing for Alex for a little bit. And then there is Steven, my brother who really doesn't have much connection so he gets to sit back and enjoy the entertainment. well i guess he has a little crush on Jessica... but he doesn't care that much lol.

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