Friday, July 22, 2011

Where one door closes another one opens

Today has been a rather hard day. Sometimes you dont get what you want... I really thought Benjamin was interested for the first week... But in the end i knew it was going to be short lived. He was too good to be true... normally if something is too good to be true your right. He was tall Sweet, made me feel like a princess... and very very good looking. Oh i wish i could look into those green eyes at least one more time. But thus it must come to an end. Its funny, For those of you who dont know how crazy i was about Nate, well my feelings as premature as they were for Benjamin felt stronger... I know crazzy right! probably. No I wouldn't say i love him by any means... It just felt different. I was happy again... But with a little three days grace, and a little space from life and a good cry and a spiritual message i am feeling like me again. Not trying to drive into any walls ;0)
but I came across this quote in my scriptural study figured i would share it with anyone needing it.
"Where one door shuts, another opens. We come to an end and find a beginning. Often we worry about arriving at an end with too little faith in what follows" ---- Don Quixote

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know its been a really long time since i last posted, and its not like i really have anyone reading anyways, but you know i kinda want to change what i wright about. I kinda want to start writing to help someone, to change someones life. I am fat. There is no nice way to say it and untill you come to grips with it there is no changing it. I still feel like i am Beautiful. I know I am Beautiful, But I have started trying to be more healthy. I have Entered into a Half marathon or something like that with my mom. So i am going to try to post things that will update my progress. :0)