Sunday, August 28, 2011

Better Off Alone

Well, I have decided to take a step back from dating. I just cant win in that area of my life it seems. I kinda have a crush on a few people. One told me he is not emotionaly available, The other I dont think knows I even really am here. And the Final one... Well his girlfriend waited for him.... I guess... I know it may be selfish but I think maybe its time I just focus on me. Not having a guy in the mix of things... Even when i say that it never really happens that way... But who knows maybe this time will be different. There are many females that never seem to find the one in this life. There is a sweet lady in my family ward, Sheri Dew, There are many great women who of no fault of their own never get married and have kids... and maybe thats what will happen to me... Its not what I want and I know I am still young... But who really knows right... I guess really maybe I should give my self a year... to Just me. a Self journey.... I wonder where it will take me.

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