Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Hardest things are worth it.... Right?

I have realized that some of the hardest things to do in life always end up being the most important... As adults we have to make up our minds about so many big things. Things like, should I go to college? and if so What college should I go to? and then What major should I do? should I do a 2 or 4 year program? and then there is other things like, Should I work? if so Where? Should I be full time or part time? Then you got to start thinking if your working are you doing to date? and what kind of people should I be dating? What if I were to date a friend?

There are so many questions in life... Sometimes its just hard to be young... some people get stuck there for ages because they don't want to grow up... Then there are those people who don't let them self be young and have any fun. Those people who feel like they have to make all those choices today... those people who rush into things without thinking... Its hard to figure out what of those 2 are better...

Its been a really hard year for me this past year. I have gone so back and forth between the two. I cant tell if I want to be young and play hard, Or if maybe I want to just be grown up... I always seem to know what I should do... but what I want to do always seems so different then what I should do... I don't know who to trust anymore, who I should let in, who I can tell my secrets to.... It always seems those people I start to trust leave me more broken then I was before. Sometimes I wonder if Love is worth fighting for, or if we are just better off alone in this game called love... Would we be hurt anymore or less if we were to just take our selves out of the game. I keep saying I will keep pushing forward... But really what good would it do. Is it all going to pay off one day... everyone says it will, but really what do they know... When they already have their Fairytale come true. Can they even say that then know its worth it to stay in the game?

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